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Shake Banner

Shake Banner has made it to the top 100 utilties in 24 countries, and been featured as New & Noteworthy and What's Hot on the App Store.  Thanks for all your support!

Shake Banner is now a free app, with exciting new advanced features available through In-App Purchase. For a limited time, you can get them for 33% off the regular price, $1.99 instead of $2.99.
  • Lively animated background effects like fireworks and snow
  • Color fades and random colors
  • Font choices
  • One-touch access to recent messages and settings
It's the fastest way to use your iPhone or iPod touch to get a message across visually, great for hockey games, concerts, parties, and boring meetings.

Shake Banner from Ringmaster Mobile uses the accelerometer and a quirk of human vision to create the illusion of whole words floating in midair.  Scrolling banner apps work letter by letter, but Shake Banner shows whole words so you get your message across faster. Plus, it's easy to use and fun!

Why Shake Banner?

  • It's fast--two seconds for four lines
  • Shaking screen gives you a taller and wider area for your message
  • Unique shaking motion attracts attention
  • Lets you choose among thousands of colors with one touch
  • Just shake it to show your message--no extra buttons to press
  • Shows all Unicode characters for all languages, not just ASCII
  • Full support for bi-directional text
  • Built-in tips
iPad owners:  Because you need to shake your device quickly with one hand to get the cool floating word effect, Shake Banner is not recommended for iPad.

For support, send an email to the email address "help" at the domain name of this website. 

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